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From Quarry to Granite Tile Bakersfield


After approval of our estimate, production on your stone work begins. The material you selected is pulled from storage and your job is assigned to one of our master craftsmen.

Not just granite services in Bakersfield but also in Visalia among other areas. We welcome your business any where in the region.


The stone is then placed on one of our large bridge saws where it is cut into the general shapes needed for your project. The stone is cut using a large, high speed, water cooled, diamond saw blade that is capable of cutting through even the hardest granites. At this point stabalizing rods are cut and glued into the stone so that this delicate product can survive through the somewhat harsh production process.

Once the basic shapes needed for your job are cut, depending on the edge thickness and style it will either be laminated or mitred. For 1½" edge jobs a second piece of the same stone is laminated under front edges of the main piece. This gives the front edge a thicker look and allows for a larger edge detail. For mitred jobs, the stone is put on our Park Industries Mitre Bridge Saw, where the edges are cut at corresponding 45° angles and then glued together at a right angle. This gives a smooth front edge look that is consistent and doesn't have any of the edge seams that can be found on other edge types. Projects using a ¾" edge will skip this step and go directly to having their edges cut and polished.

Now that the stone has been laminated/mitred the pieces will move on to our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine for sinks and edges to cut. We use a Prussiani Oceania Elite Router center which allows us outstanding accuracy and consistency. Accurate to fractions of a millimeter and fully automated, this machine is another one of the high quality and high tech pieces of equipment True Stone uses to make your stone project beautiful in Bakersfield or Visalia CA.

Once the pieces finish on the machine or have had their edges finished by hand, the pieces are checked for consistency and polished if necessary. Spaces for cook tops are cut, holes for fixtures drilled, and other final additions to the stone are made.

Now your stone work is complete! Our production manager checks the stone quality and craftsmanship one last time, and then the project is loaded onto our trucks to be installed.

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